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From Skalia village towards Emborios you will meet a dirt road under construction on your right. Following this, you will reach the top of the mountain with a church on your left. From this point you have a panoramic view of the north part of the island with Leros on your left. Continue downwards. On your left you will meet a path to Sykati bay. Continuing ahead and to  your right you will reach Palionisos, a small quite village, with a beach for a nice swim. You can also cool down with a refreshment at the villages tavern or have a quick snack.
Useful tip: If you don’t want to use the dirt road you can take the small path starting on the right side of the road opposite the church mentioned above and walk along the hillside downwards to Palionisos. This was once the main path connecting Skalia and Palionisos.
Total length: 4,5 km (easy route)



From Skalia village towards Emborios you will meet a dirt road under construction on your right. Following this, you will reach the top of the mountain with a church on your left. From this point you have a panoramic view of the north part of the island with Leros on your left. Continue downwards. On your left you will meet a walking path to Sykati bay with a deserted beach, a few water holes (wells) for the goats and a small church on the right side of the bay dedicated to saint George.
Useful tip: With in a forty minute walk from the beach heading north west from the left side of the bay, walking parallel but 50m higher from the seashore you can find a huge hole, a cave actually without a roof , with a diameter of 50 – 60m and a depth of 70m at the deepest part. The walls of this cave are full of stalactites some reaching 2 –3 m long. 



Heading from Casteli towards Arginonda just before the last turn for the village, on the right side of the main road you meet the beginning of a dirt road witch goes trough fields with olive trees. Follow the blue marks to a narrow gully witch will lead you to the top and the right of the main gorge of the village. Keep on the well-marked track following the blue marks. After 30min walking slightly uphill you are at the top south - east of the valley of Arginonda. Continue slightly to your right always following the blue marks trough some small cedar trees. On your left and bellow you can see the bay of Pezonda, the island of Kalolimnos and on your right over the edge you have the valley of Vathi. Take a rest at the ruins of Montorito, an Italian army base. Continuing north east you will meet a cistern (water tank) from were you begin walking downwards to the valley of Vathi or return the same way back to Arginonda. If you don’t want to return on foot you can catch the bus from Vathi to Pothia.
Total length: ~ 6,5 km (easy route)


Having already reached the village of Vathi and following the main street to the north  from the neighborhood of Metochi follow the signs for Panagia Kyra Psili. Heading northeast, through the settlement towards a narrow road climbing uphill after an hours walk, you meet a small church at the top of the hill. From there you follow the well made path to your right and after about 25min you are at the end of the route with the church of Kyra Psili like a fortress above you. You can visit the church from were you have a great view of Pezonda bay, the island Palionisos and the mountains of Leros located north of Kalymnos. If you wish to have a swim at Pezonda bay down bellow, paths witch lead to the beach are visible and marked.
Useful Tip: It is possible to connect route no 2 and 3 having a longer walk. For this you must   continue from the cistern ( route no 2) not downhill to the valley but upwards and left keeping close to the top until you meet the small church witch is at the beginning of the path for Kyra Psili (route no 3).
Total length: ~ 3 km (easy route)


Before the main road reached the village of Vathi this path was very much in use by the locals connecting the capital of the island with the valley of Vathi. This route is paved in many parts of it and also mentioned as “the Italian road ”.
The route starts from the northern part of Pothia close to the church of Agia Triada. The first part is uphill walking with the small church of Anastasi at he top of the hill and to the right then the land continues almost flat, uphill again and then downhill to the valley. The downhill part becomes quite steep as you are getting closer to Vathi and the route is not so clear but the red marks can help a lot. Take the path straight down to the settlement of  Platanos.
Total length: 6km


A short route at the south of Pothia leading to a small church of St George.
On your way to Vothyni and Vlihadia, two villages on the south part of the island, stop just before the right turn witch continues to the monastery of St Savvas. On your left there is a café. The route actually begins a few meters before following the hillside to the south almost at the same level as the main road. Follow the clear path always at the same level on quite easy ground. After walking for about 2km you will find the little church where you can have a rest admiring the sea view with the island of Kos at the background.
Total length: 2km


Argos is a village/plateau located at the south – west part of the island. It is surrounded by mountains with the airport, under construction, on the northwest side of the village. To approach the village, as you are heading from Hora to Panormos turn left after the cemetery. The road at its beginning is flat and after 100m starts curling up on the hillside. After about 1,5km you reach the plateau and the beginning of the village. From here you can see a dirt road on the southwest side of the village heading to the top of the hill towards some antennas. This road is actually the beginning of the route with a fence gate at the start of it. Passing the gate and walking upwards on the loose rock dirt road for 500m you will arrive to the small church of Ag Konstantinos where you can have a short rest. From there continue south, walking downwards in a narrow galley towards the sea. After 10 – 15 min take the left side of the gorge (south) following the path through some large scattered rocks towards a wider gorge with flat land about 200m from sea level. (From here you can observe the bay of Pythari with it’s convent, on your right and bellow) Walking through the flat gorge continue east to the church of Ag. Andreas. The yard of the church offers shade for a quick rest. If you wish walk straight down to the small beach for a swim. From the chapel continue to your left (east) following the path to the cave of Cefala. From the cave take the well made path to a small beach with a tree and continue to your left parallel to the seashore (east) heading for the bay of Vlyxadia. While you are in Vlyxadia don’t forget to visit the sea museum.


Profitis Ilias is the summit of the island at the height of 676m. Arriving at Hora at the main square of the village head north looking for the gorge on the left side of the big fortress. At the base and left of the fortress you will find a wide dirt road which is actually the beginning of the route. Following this for about 1 km you will meet to narrow paths that both reach the summit. The one on the left is longer but easier. Once your at the top you have a panoramic vie of all the island and all the neighbor islands at the background.


From the left side of Kantouni Beach (southwest) take the path along the seaside heading west. The path is visible, clean and in good condition. The route offers wonderful sea view and peaceful landscape. At the end of the route you can have a rest at the church of St Fotios. If you choose this route for a afternoon walk it is worth to stay until the sunsets. There is a possibility to continue reaching the far end of the cape (Trahilas) walking at the same level for 15min more.
Total length: 2,5 km


From the port of Myrties taxi boats can take you across to the island of Telendos. The trip lasts 10min and you arrive at the main harbour witch is located at the center of the island. From there you walk along the seaside in front of cafes and restaurants towards the right side (north east). After 10 – 15 min walk having passed “paradise beach” slightly uphill to your left you will meet the sign “ Agios Konstandinos” indicating actually the beginning of the route. Continue walking uphill until you meet a gully. Walk through it and uphill again and the path from the top is now visible downwards and then parallel to the seaside and after 10min walking continuing slightly uphill until you meet a left sharp turn. From here starts the most difficult part of the route because the path becomes steeper with the monastery at the end of it. The monastery is at the altitude of 250m surrounded with ruins of a Byzantine settlement with a observation post at the highest spot.
Total length: 4km